How to Switch Between Mobile and Desktop View with a Responsive Theme

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If your website has a responsive theme it will automatically re-size elements to fit different screen sizes.  Unfortunately, many WordPress responsive themes do not come with the ability to view the desktop version on a mobile phone.  To add this capability, you will need to upload a javascript file, reference it in between your <head><script src=”scripts/responsive-switch.min.js”></script></head> tags and add the following code where you want the link switch.

<a href=”#”
data-link-desktop=”Switch to desktop version”
data-link-responsive=”Switch to responsive / mobile version”

You will need to view your website on a mobile device to see the link.  “The “Responsive Switch” link is only visible when it is needed. This means that by default, it is only visible when the screen or window size is less than 1024px.”

Click here to download the javascript file.

For more details, please visit:

How to Take a Picture of Your Display Screen in Windows 8

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To take a picture of what you are seeing on your desktop in Windows 8, hold down the Windows key and press the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. The screen will blink to indicate a picture has been taken. The picture is automatically saved in a folder called, “Screenshots,” in your picture library.

To view the picture you just took, press the Windows key again and start typing, “Screenshots.” Click on the folder called, “Screenshots,” under Search Results.

To paste the picture into a document such as Microsoft Word, open the program, click on the document and hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter V key.

How to stop links from turning blue in Gmail

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When viewing an email in Gmail, hyperlinks may appear blue. This can be extremely frustrating when colors have been carefully preselected to match a specific theme. To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is style the hyperlink a color other than black. Instead of using color: #000000 use #000001. Indicate the color within the hyperlink tag.

Struggling with WordPress?

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wordpressThough WordPress is becoming increasingly popular as a website publishing platform, the average Internet user may struggle customizing a theme, adding new content, and keeping the software and plugins up-to-date. Having a web designer on call to help is a great solution for small business owners.

I have created WordPress websites for many of my clients. I have not found a single theme that did not require customization. To make changes to WordPress, you need to know HTML, CSS and have FTP access to your website files. You will save yourself hours of frustration by hiring a professional, like myself, to make the changes you require. Once it is setup correctly, you should be able to make simple changes to website copy. Call or text me at 203.209.6585 to find out how I can help you achieve your goals.

Why Do My Images Look Fuzzy When I Create a PDF?

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If your images look fine on your website but look fuzzy when you create a PDF, you may need to tweek a few settings. Before you print your page to a PDF print driver, such as Adobe PDF or CutePDF, try unchecking the box next to “Optimize for fast web view.”

WordPress Plugin to Signup Volunteers

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Signup Forms LiteAt last, there is a WordPress plugin that solves the problem of signing up a certain number of volunteers for a specific task! The free plugin is called Sign-up Sheets Lite. There is a pro version for $15 that adds a few capabilities. But the best part is that it is really simple to setup and use. I just installed it for St. Anthony’s to help them with the task of signing up volunteers for their annual Parish picnic. I am sure that PTAs will also find this plugin invaluable!

Who Needs Microsoft Word?

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Here is a sample Reference page that I designed for one of my clients with Pages on my iPad. I created a table, and added shapes, lines, text, and images. I saved it as a PDF and uploaded it to an email template that I created with GoDaddy email. This way, when my client wants to send this Reference page out, he just opens the email template, enters the recipient’s email address and hits send.

20130503-011813.jpgHere is a sample article that I recreated in Pages for another clients. Scanning an original newspaper article can look grainy. By recreating the article, I was able to fit the entire story on one page while maintaining the look of a newspaper story.

How to Create Website Graphics on an iPad

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iDraw is a powerful feature-packed vector design and illustration application, now available for both Mac OS X and iPad. All of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art to simple website graphics.


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